Valley Center Vehicle Registration Services of California (VCVRS)

DMV Forms

Reg 138: Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability

Reg 156: Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, Documents

Reg 5045: Nonresident Military Exemption Statement

Reg 256: Miscellaneous Statements of Fact

Reg 101: Statement to Record Ownership

DMV 14: Change of Address

Reg 227: Application for Duplicate Title

Reg 102: Certificate of Non-Operation

Reg 4008: Declaration of GVW / CGVW

Reg 256A: Miscellaneous Statements

Reg 65: Vehicle License Fee Refund

Renewing your registration has never been easier - or faster!

Now you can quickly and conveniently register or renew your vehicle registration, process title transfers, and more - all from our Valley Center location!

The next time you think about a trip to the DMV, think of us first!

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